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Naghma A Qaiyum is a young entrepreneur, businesswoman and an industrialist of India.

She had started her business career around in the year 2014 in the Real Estate sector. At present, the company has spread its divisions into three major zones of India. She has covered a long, but not the final distance into the journey of entrepreneurship. She has explored her business travel into various sectors like Real Estate, Information Technology, E-Commerce, Films & Entertainments,  Publications, and Manufacturing and Engineering.





She is not only a well known business icon of the country  but a global figure also. She is a well known writer around the world. She is known for her natural styles of composition as short narrative stories. She is very popular for her independent writings, articles and open opinions. Her writing is not limited to any particular field or age but she is considered among the present time broad writers.

​She is also very well responsible for humanity and nation’s development, so she is identified as a philanthropist too. Having this into her mind, she has also established a Non-Profit Organization, by the name Naz Kindle Charitable Trust, which is presently working to help and support the needy people in the field of education, skill development and health awareness to some limited areas, but it is vision of the trust that it would soon spread across boundaries.

Mairaa Infrastructures

"Mairaa Infrastructures", was established in 2014. During the journey till now, it has worked broadly in the real estate industry with a transparent work system. Mairaa was started with a dream of going higher and higher into the sector of infrastructural development, construction and nation building. It is just the dream and the passion, and the strong work planning into the infrastructural development that the organization which was started with few people few years before today has its marks at various locations in India. Mairaa had started its work as underwriter for residential and commercial projects in Delhi NCR, and gradually spread its wings across the nation. Over the time it has earned an excellent reputation among the people for the honest and professionalized services creation, which made it accompanying work as Developing Partner for many constructions. “Priority to the satisfaction of our customers is the foremost importance” With this MANTRA of professionalism, Mairaa Infrastructures explores itself into the constructions and infrastructural development. Delivery exactly on the given time, Full Satisfaction to the Customers and Clients, and Ultra Luxury and Royal Touch Construction style are some of the keys with which Mairaa Infrastructures has explored itself into construction.

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Addiva Publications


Addiva Group is about to bring the entertainments and knowledge into its published form before you. It has launched its publication house where you will have lots of thigs to read and know about different sectors like Films, Media, Entertainments, etc. Addiva will have official handbook on everything about Indian Cinema for the diehard fan, which, in India is almost everyone for one or other. Addiva presents a magazine that film stars think of first and trust most when they want to open up to their fans. With its exclusive interviews, classy photo-shoots, insider stories, sneak peeks, fashion coverage, movie reviews and special features, Addiva captures the biggest stars and diva of Indian cinema at their most colourful & candid best. Also Addiva has other sectors also to present before its huge readers in the sectors of Automobiles, sports, etc further. Addiva’s magazines will be monthly and fortnightly and will be developed with the time ahead. Also, we welcome quality manuscripts and invite authors to publish with us. In case you have a manuscript or are planning to develop one, please provide us with the details, so that we can study your proposal. The means of education have changed over the years; the end has remained the same -Empowered minds, which can evolve, sustain, empower and fulfil the ever changing needs of society. Addiva is driven by the vision of being “a knowledge corporation merged with entertainment” and move forward in the publishing domain both print & digital. Group aims at nurturing people at all levels and interests by facilitating their growth and needs as it thoroughly believes that people are the greatest strength to any organisation. It also aims at being transparent in its vision, objectives, working and looks forward to honesty, integrity and commitment. Expects and trains its people to take ownership of responsibilities entrusted.

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N K Charitable Trust

The NKCT believes that if we want to develop our nation, the beginning must be done from the development of those who are under privileged, unskilled weak and ignored section, either by age they are youth or kids.Keeping the ambition in mind, the establishment of NK Charitable trust was done. The trust has very pious idea in mind that to raise India, the people have to be raised.There are many ways through which people can be raised, the most important of them is the Education. Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life: the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one's awareness about the various issues – it can be healthcare, social behavior, sense of responsibility towards society and nation, understanding one's rights, etc. No doubt, education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. But child education cannot be done in isolation. A child will go to school only if the family, particularly the mother, is assured of healthcare and empowered. Moreover, when an elder sibling is relevantly skilled to be employable and begins earning, the journey of empowerment continues beyond the present generation, therefore the NKCT has secondly determined to generate awareness among women and elderly people. NKCT believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. Following this model of Civic Driven Change, NKCT sensitizes and engages the civil society, making it an active partner in all its welfare initiatives, adding more and more volunteers and activists with it. Even in the present time, millions of children are there in India who are out of school – surrounded by poverty, illness and despair; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Together, we can bring hope in their lives. Together, we can bring change and make it last.

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The Feurig

We are one of the few wire and cable companies in India to have such a diverse and extensive range of wire and cable products. We are one of the leading companies in electrical and copper industry & our journey to success as well as leadership has been complimented with a desire to adapt with new innovations and technology. We, with a continuous pursuit of evolving technology, we are determined of achieving greater success in the industry. Our success today will be instrumental in our achievements tomorrow.As one of the leading wires and cables manufacturers in the world, we at The Feurig are also the pioneers of wire design, technology and applicability. Our cutting edge technology and research has continually enhanced the efficiency, reliability and safe conduction of electricity. This in turn supported the core of our engineering endeavor, which is to guarantee safe environments everywhere – offices, retail spaces, industrial plants and residences. Ever since our inception, we have been inspired by the promise of a better life, which innovative engineering promises. This inspiration has transformed into a relentless pursuit, which has seen us engineer and manufacture a colossal range of products apposite for prodigious industries. Our products have been engineered to survive harshest of environments like the crushing, high pressure of the ocean or sweltering heat or cold of arid lands. Wires and cables permeate through every aspect of our modern lifestyle, which commands uninterrupted and efficient electricity supply. From planes to trains, telecommunication to entertainment, satellites to Wifi – wires are the omnipresent, unsung heroes pulsating with electricity, bringing surroundings to life and bridging distances.

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Machismo is a brand name of Feurig Wires, Cables and Electrical Equipments manufacturer, (Feurig Wires and Cables Private Limited). This is an emerging but one of the  largest manufacturers and exporters of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Electrical Accessories, Earthing Equipments & Lightening Protection systems, all in-house.                   

Ever since our inception, we have been inspired by the promise of a better life, which innovative engineering promises. This inspiration has transformed into a relentless pursuit, which has seen us engineer and manufacture a colossal range of products apposite for prodigious industries.

Our manufacturing plant is equipped to make all our products in-house right from conversion to the final product.

Our range of products has made recognition in the domestic markets as well as markets of the Middle East, Australia, U.K., U.S.A., South Africa, South East Asia, European Union etc. We have been in interaction with more than thirty countries to successfully export the products and will soon be touching the full range.

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Naz Hotel

Spread over a vast space of beautiful landscape, the strategically located business class hotel is  located in West New York within Hudson County and is located very near to  commercial centres of the city. An architectural piece of splendour, this business class hotel epitomizes traditional grandeur and modern luxury. The world class accommodation and amenities with stylish features provides its residents a peaceful ambience. The hotel features a variety of authentic cuisines at its restaurants and promises a complete range of recreational facilities. Valet parking and a free airport shuttle are also provided. Naz Hotel presents the ideal opportunity to soak up in the distinctive culture and natural heritage, ensuring a remarkable holiday experience with the beautiful natural scenes.

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Addiva Films

As a dedicated film production company in India, Addiva Films leverages its presence in Delhi and North India. At the same time, it has developed extensive capabilities for tapping talent and creative resources in other cities like Mumbai (Bollywood). Addiva Films with its presence in the capital city enables it to act as a high-quality film production hub for large swathes of North India which would explain why so many prestigious clients have entrusted their film production projects to Addiva Films As a film production company in India, Addiva Films has planned to develop, as a result of spending long time in Bollywood, it has an in-depth understanding of the subtle nuances of Indian audiences. It can accurately map its creative approaches and productions on to various clearly defined target audience segments. It has planned to create films that would work in the context of the desired response to be evoked, the core message to be delivered and the levels of engagement to be achieved.

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The WingsPan

The WingsPan is leading provider of customized Web design, Web development, Customized Software and Marketing solutions. We offer a complete package of affordable website design and custom website development. Along with software development, we are the pioneers in mobile app development, real-time systems, bot development, blockchain and IOTs. From the initial process of taking inputs from clients, planning on the basis of such inputs to final implementation and testing – all are done using latest web site designing technique and skills. We offer a competitively priced website design service, aimed purely at small businesses in the World. We have many satisfied clients worldwide (USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, China, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Poland, New Zealand) who are using software of us. At WingsPan, our greatest resource isn’t technology—it’s our workforce, the creators, drivers and managers of that technology. We employ only the brightest minds; the most educated, experienced and dedicated professionals. While each individual has the skills to work independently, we prefer to combine our efforts to better serve our clients. As a company, The WingsPan is stubbornly results-driven. We don’t rest until we achieve the goals you set out for us. From top executives to brilliant engineers, we share a collective desire to help your business succeed


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Forsch Textiles

The Company operates in the worsted textiles segment and runs a fully equipped composite mill (ISO 9001 certified) manufacturing high quality worsted fabrics. Forsch has been a notable player in this industry in India, including in its previous corporate forms. Its commitment to quality and customer orientation reflects in its strong nationally recognized and valuable brand Forsch, supported by a well-established national distribution network.

Forsch has a proven track record of design and manufacture of high quality fabrics. The Company consistently takes steps to push forward its marketing efforts by enhancing its brand visibility, strengthening marketing organization and closer interaction with and expansion of its channel partners. The Company has always laid stress on export markets and exploring new areas. It has an independent marketing team supported by an appropriate network abroad for export business. It exports a significant portion of its production to markets in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Far East etc.

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Autarchic Automotives

Autarchic, though recently established, but since having strong feet into other sectors of manufacturing, did not take much time to make a strong position into this sector too.

The new range of products are being developed meeting Autarchic Automotives and Engineering quality systems and standards and would ensure an enhanced customer experience in the pre- manufacturing as well as aftermarket.

We work on the zero defect and accurate testing strategy for manufacturing our products.

We are well equipped with all the latest functions of the process and under the same roof, we melt, mould, sand cast, finish, machine, inspect, pack and dispatch fully machined ready to use tools hence ensuring better control and co-ordination.

We believe in adherence to legal and regulatory norms and our quest to achieve worid class quality has brought us lay the foundation to achieve ISOITS 16949 quality management system in near future. Understanding in essence, objectives of the standard, activities pertaining to certification are underway with emphasis on effective implementation and not just documentation. An important aspect of this activity is to nurture employee's empowerment for achieving continual improvement. 

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Stately Steel

Stately has been recently established, but since having strong feet into other sectors of manufacturing, did not take much time to make a strong position into the manufacturing of iron

With having a team of tp notch metallurgists handling routine production, quality controls and spearheading developments, we have been into the production of ultra-modern steel melting house, ingot casting, hot tolling mills, heat treatment facilities, cold finishing facilities and fully fledged metallurgical test lab and controlled be expert metallurgists.

The new range of products are being developed meeting the different industry quality systems and standards and would ensure an enhanced customer experience in the pre-manufacturing as well as aftermarket. 

We are on the path of delivering high quality at competitive prices and particular in timely delivery which has enabled us to emerge as the preferred manufacturer for various industries like steel, construction, aviation, cement, etc with the different forms of products like Ingots, Forging Ingots, Cold Drawn Square and Hexagonal Bars, HRAP Flat Bars, Bright Round Bars, Hot Rolled Rounds , RCS and many others. We are delighted to add also that we are on day by day expanding the range of products.

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